Consumer Goods & Retail

CPG companies have to leverage digital and mobile technology to drive better engagement with their Dealer/Retailer network and end consumers. Digital channels make it easier to better communicate with the Dealer network. Information's regarding Inventory stock, Orders, Payments can all be pushed in a seamless fashion. This results in better Inventory management, better cash-flow management and lets the Sales Team to focus on selling instead of operation details. Finally, the end consumers can be directly be engaged to get better insights using Digital channels. The Dealer network can also be leveraged to flow through the end Consumer details and insights.

Migrated from a legacy on-premise CRM platform to a modern Oracle Sales Cloud solution to enable process innovations and enabled Mobility to manage sales effectiveness and performance of its Sales team. Enablement of Customer 360 view. Recommendation and Closure process based on secondary sales data integration. Role based dashboards and BI analytics. implemented Oracle Marketing Cloud solution for its Marketing automation and customer engagement automation needs. Multi-Node configuration for it's on-premise CRM platform, as well as operation support to manager their Sales and Marketing activities and new initiatives.