Oracle APEX

Elevating Business beyond limits with Oracle APEX Services

Strong and deep understanding of this low-code development platform that empowers us to rapidly create robust, scalable, and modern web applications. With proficiency in SQL, PL/SQL, and JavaScript, we excel in designing dynamic user interfaces and implementing complex business logic to address diverse business needs. Our expertise extends to optimizing database interactions, ensuring high performance and data security. Leveraging APEX's built-in features and declarative development capabilities, We efficiently deliver custom applications that streamline processes, enhance user experiences, and drive data-driven insights. With a focus on continuous improvement and staying updated with APEX's latest advancements, We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that elevate business productivity and efficiency

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mobile Responsive
  • High Performance
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Analytics and Reporting

Our Approach

Customer Needs Our Offerings
User-Friendly Interface Team of Skilled Professionals with Deep knowledge of Oracle Apex Platform in building responsive web applications
Mobile Responsive Expertise in leveraging APEX's low-code capabilities and available templates to accelerate application development, allowing for rapid prototyping and delivery
High Performance Proficient in extending the functionality for complex business requirements through custom coding using PL/SQL, JavaScript, and RESTful web services
Scalability and Flexibility Pending
Analytics and Reporting Expertise in implementing best practices for application design, performance optimization, and user experience to deliver high-quality solutions

Our Expertise

Innovacx has comprehensive set of services to offer ERP cloud customers encompassing implementation, migration and integration. We have seasoned experts comprising ex-Oracle who have led Oracle ERP Product Development teams for decades. The team has deep insights into design and technicalities of all building blocks of ERP cloud and well equipped to deal with any level of complexity. Our experience enables us to implement expeditiously both public and private cloud and we also support hybrid deployment. Our expertise facilitates smooth coexistence of EBS and Oracle ERP Cloud to benefit our customers taking advantage of latest and greatest capabilities in the cloud while continuing business as usual.