Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS)

Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS), is a Business Process Management (BPM) platform that enables organizations to design, automate, and manage business processes in the cloud. It provides a low-code environment for modeling, executing, and monitoring business workflows, making it easier for both developers and business users to collaborate on process automation

We are Offerings

Our team is skilled in analyzing and understanding complex business processes to design efficient and automated workflows using PCS

We have experience in visually modeling business processes using the low-code capabilities of PCS, translating business requirements into actionable process models

Our expertise involve in configuring and automating processes within PCS to streamline business operations and reduce manual efforts

We are adept at integrating human interactions and decision points into the automated processes, ensuring smooth collaboration between users and the system

We have expertise in integrating PCS with other Oracle Cloud services or on-premises applications, allowing seamless data exchange and end-to-end automation

Success Stories

DP World

PaaS-based extensions to support process-based approvals for both Oracle CX and ERP Cloud , Service Automation and Integration Orchestration covering SaaS and PaaS for FREECOMS to manage 150+ Different types of Service Requests and Associated Workflows, VBCS-based interface to Capture and Update the SR related details and seamless integrations with Oracle CX and other applications