Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migration is an undertaking that transforms the business as a whole rather than the perceived changes to just the technology landscape. The impacts of such an undertaking extend to Business Operations and Processes, Workforce, Finances, and above all, the customers! Like any transformational initiative within a business, Cloud Migration also has its associated risks that need to be mitigated or require a mitigation plan to be handled effectively. Deciding to migrate to the Cloud is a huge step for any business, and Innovacx - with our deep expertise and proven experience - helps you make that assessment and propose innovation-driven plans, and take a step further, to help you execute the plan.

Our Cloud transformation and migration offerings encompass all the services that are required to move your On-Premise or On-Demand CRM platform and customer data to the Oracle CX Cloud in a highly secure and cost-effective manner. We leverage OOTB Quick Import Macros, Rapid Migration Utilities as well as in-house custom-built scripts to migrate the data with quick turn-around time.


We have migrated customers from CRMOD to Oracle Engagement Cloud leveraging Oracle Sales Cloud Rapid Migration utility. Our deep expertise in both CRMOD and Oracle CX cloud applications reduces risk, lowers migration time and increases overall success.​

Leveraging Oracle Sales Cloud Rapid Migration utility we can migrate:​

  • Administrative Roles, Users, and Privileges 
  • Account & Contact Data
  • Opportunity & Lead Data
  • Activities Data
  • Product Catalogue
  • Custom Objects’ Data
  • Analytical Data

With our highly experienced team in both Siebel CRM and Oracle Engagement Cloud, we have migrated customers from the On-premise CRM system to Cloud administering our In-house utilities to automate the migration process. These utilities ensures rapid and accurate replication of an environment by mapping objects, fields, and configuration settings as well as offering multiple validation checkpoints.​

Innovacx’s Migration utilities make it easy to map and migrate:​

  • Users 
  • Account 
  • Contact 
  • Lead & Opportunity 
  • Activity

Innovacx offers migration services from Siebel Loyalty to Oracle Loyalty Cloud. Our unmatched Loyalty expertise across Siebel and Oracle Loyalty Cloud supported with our in-house data migration kits, makes a migration undertaking from Siebel to Oracle Loyalty cloud, easy and efficient. The migration utilities ensure rapid and accurate replication of an environment by mapping objects, fields, and configuration settings as well as offering multiple validation checkpoints. Our custom-built accelerators for File Import, Batch Engine Optimization, Oracle Commerce Cloud Extensions, and Partner File Based Integrations help meet the needs of running an efficient loyalty program.​

Our Loyalty Cloud migration services includes migration of:​

  • Program Setup
  • Partner Data
  • Promotions Data
  • Products Data
  • Member Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Redemption Catalog
  • Analytical Data