In-house Automation Framework

Need for an Automation Framework

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven environment, automation has become an integral part of software development and testing processes. With the ever-increasing complexity of applications and the need for faster delivery, organizations are turning to automation frameworks to streamline their workflows, improve efficiency, and ensure the quality of their products

An automation framework is a structured set of guidelines, tools, and libraries that provide a foundation for designing, implementing, and executing automated tests. It offers a systematic approach to organizing test scripts, managing test data, handling exceptions, and generating test reports. By leveraging automation frameworks, development teams can achieve repeatability, maintainability, and reusability in their test automation efforts

The benefits of using an automation framework are numerous. It allows testers to focus on high-value activities such as designing test scenarios and analysing test results rather than getting bogged down in repetitive, manual tasks. It ensures consistency in test execution across different environments and reduces the time and effort required to validate software changes. Furthermore, automation frameworks enable teams to adopt agile and DevOps practices by integrating with continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines

It's important to note that while an automation framework provides a solid foundation, its success ultimately relies on the knowledge and skills of the automation engineers who implement and maintain it. This preface aims to equip you with the fundamental knowledge required to embark on your automation journey and adapt the framework to suit your specific needs and challenges

Cloud Enterprise – Paradigm Shift

In the cloud enterprise, Business has ability to continuously innovate, Automation becomes imperative to drive continuous innovation

  • Automation of Key Business Flows across Multi-Vendor Solutions and Home-Grown Innovations
  • Accelerated Validation
  • Avoid Business Risk due to upgrade related issues
  • Significantly reduce business user bandwidth for manual testing

Cloud Upgrade – Automation Imperatives

  • Typical SaaS Cloud Application Providers require quarterly upgrades
  • Upgrades consist of new innovations in addition to bug fixes
  • Customers are required to adopt new versions to get support and to consume new innovations
  • Customers require the ability to rapidly validate business flows as part of upgrades to reduce business risks
  • Automation solutions become imperative to drive continuous innovation and validation

Innovacx Automation Testing FWK

Faster Script Development & Execution
  • Much faster than human

  • Reduced cycle and waiting time

  • less time to implement

Automated Test Execution
  • Ensure consistent exection of process

  • Eliminates data inconsistencies

  • Reduces manual task error

Reduced Maintenance
  • Cost saving

  • Improved productivity by freeing human bandwidth for strategic work

Avoid Business Risk
  • No risk on day-to-day business operation

  • Seamless upgrades

  • Minimal to No Manual testing required

Innovacx Test Flow Bot

Hybrid Driven Framework
  • Keyword (This framework uses a set of keywords to represent the test step)

  • Data (In this framework, the test data is stored separately from the test script)

Constructing flows using Excel, Flexible Data Management, Lesser Code Maintenance

Lesser technical knowledge to work, automate & execute flows

Reporting Granularity
  • Test Suite / Test Case / Test Step / Test Step details of reporting

Data Loader, Name - Value pair for Variables

Our Expertise

Expertise and Experience

Our company have a team of skilled professionals with extensive expertise in automation technologies, frameworks, and methodologies. Years of experience in successfully implementing automation projects across industries


The ability to provide tailored automation solutions that meet the unique needs of each client is essential. We consider the client's requirements and create customized strategies for maximum efficiency

CI/CD Integration

Integration of automation testing with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines is established in our Automation framework, for achieving faster feedback and reducing time-to-market

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Offering real-time test reports and analytics to clients to make data-driven decisions, identify bottlenecks, and improve the development process

Continuous Improvement

We constantly strive to stay updated with the latest automation trends, technologies, and best practices to offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients

Robust Automation Frameworks

We invest in developing and using robust automation frameworks that can be easily adapted to different projects, offering scalability and maintainability

Comprehensive Test Coverage

The company offers automation testing services that cover a wide range of test scenarios, including regression testing, functional testing, performance testing, and security testing, to ensure a thorough evaluation of the software's quality

Quality and ROI Focus

We as a company place a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality software and ensuring a positive return on investment for its clients through cost-effective automation solutions

Strong Support and Communication

Effective communication and support throughout the project's lifecycle are maintained which in-turn strengthen our relationship with customer

Our Automation Service

Deliver Quality and ROI

Our Automation Testing Services are designed to deliver quality and ensure a return on investment (ROI) for your software development projects. Here's how we guarantee it:

  • Customized Automation Strategy:

    We create a tailored automation strategy that aligns with your project goals, identifying the right test cases to automate and optimizing test coverage

  • Expert Test Automation Engineers:

    Our team consists of skilled test automation engineers who have extensive experience with various testing frameworks and tools, ensuring robust and efficient test script development

  • Comprehensive Test Coverage:

    We ensure comprehensive test coverage, addressing various scenarios, including edge cases and negative testing, to identify potential defects early in the development lifecycle

  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Integration:

    We seamlessly integrate automation testing into your CI/CD pipelines, enabling faster feedback loops and quicker releases while maintaining quality

  • Regular Maintenance and Updates:

    Our team regularly maintains and updates automation scripts to adapt to changes in the application, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the automation suite

  • Real-Time Reporting and Analysis:

    We provide real-time test reports and analysis, giving you insights into the application's quality and allowing you to make informed decisions

  • Cost-Effective Solution:

    By automating repetitive tasks, we optimize testing efforts, reduce manual labour, and improve overall efficiency, leading to significant cost savings and a higher ROI

In this initial phase, we collaborate with the customer to understand the project requirements, objectives, and the scope of automation. We identify the most critical test scenarios suitable for automation and prioritize them based on business impact and frequency of execution. The test environment and automation tools are selected during this phase. We create a detailed test plan outlining the automation scope, timelines, and resource allocation

Success Stories


Implemented Gauge Open-source test automation framework for WestJet Airlines, on Seibel platform. Automated 50+ end to end business critical flows, covering Member Creation through API, Member Upgradation through API​ Booking Service, Redemption ,PNR Generation, Barcode Generation, Offer Creation. Here we extensively did API based automation

Automation Framework Capabilities

Parallel Execution

Parallel automation testing is a technique in which multiple automated test cases are executed simultaneously on different devices or environments. This technique is used to speed up the execution of test cases, reduce testing time, and increase test coverage

Cross Browser Testing

Cross browser testing is a technique in software testing in which a web application or website is tested across different web browsers and browser versions to ensure that it works correctly and consistently across all the browsers

Multi-Dataset Testing

Multi-data testing, also known as data-driven testing, is a technique used in automation testing to execute the same test script with different sets of data inputs. Using multi-data testing in automation can help to save time and effort in testing by executing the same test script with different sets of data inputs

Jenkins Scheduled Run

Jenkins is an open-source automation server that allows developers to automate various tasks, including building, testing, and deploying applications. One of the key features of Jenkins is the ability to schedule jobs to run at specific times or intervals automatically

API Automation

API automation using Selenium can help to ensure that the API is integrated correctly with the web-based application, and the user interface is working correctly. It can also help to identify issues with the API and provide feedback to the development team for improvement

Mobile Automation

Mobile automation using Selenium is a technique used to automate the testing of mobile applications on mobile devices and emulators. Selenium WebDriver can be used to automate mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms using various programming languages such as Java