Financial Services

With the profound growth in the digital media landscape across the globe, the well-connected and tech-savvy consumers of the Financial Services expect to have similar experiences in all financial interactions, whether it is shopping at, visiting the Apple Store or catching a ride with Uber. The contemporary Financial Institutions need to understand that consumer behaviour is volatile and ability to meet these expectations would ensure that the consumers are loyal. They must invest in front and back office technologies to create an agile Open Banking Platform that uses technology, data, and mobile platforms to slash costs and bypass intermediaries.

Worked with Leading BFSI customers to deliver Digital Transformation Covering Oracle Cloud and On-Premise Applications​ Delivers Digital Transformation for both Corporate and Commercial Banking Customers​ Experience in handling Data Security, Governance , Security Compliances required for BFSI Industry ​ We help Banks and Payment Providers to take bold steps to thrive and be future-ready toward their Digital Transformation Journey

Marketing Campaign Automation with Oracle Responsys, Promotional and Transactional Campaigns, Policy Onboarding, Insurance Product Purchases, Claim Management Journeys, Real-Time Email Campaigns with Personalized PDF by enabling integrations with Responsys, Program Orchestration to Manage Campaign Journeys to cover entire Policy Renewal Processes with Responsys ​IP Warm-up/Ramp-up Up to 3.5 Million Customer base.