In the automotive industry, a robust customer experience solution is pivotal for successful digital transformation. As consumers increasingly demand seamless, personalized interactions across the entire vehicle ownership journey, from researching and purchasing to maintenance and beyond, automakers must invest in digital tools and platforms that cater to these expectations. This includes user-friendly websites, mobile apps, and virtual showrooms for convenient vehicle exploration, as well as predictive maintenance alerts and remote diagnostics for hassle-free ownership. Furthermore, collecting and analyzing customer data can inform product enhancements and marketing strategies. By prioritizing customer-centric digital solutions, the automotive industry can not only meet evolving consumer demands but also build brand loyalty and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving market.

Our Expertise in this field excel at crafting seamless, omnichannel experiences that encompass every touchpoint of the customer journey, from initial research and vehicle purchase to post-sales services. We harness data analytics to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviors, allowing for highly personalized offerings and targeted marketing campaigns.

Customer Highlights:

Digital Storefront to view and book a Vehicle Online leveraging Oracle Commerce Cloud. Integration of Oracle Commerce Cloud with Oracle Eloqua, DMP and Sales, and Service Cloud. Capture Test Drive Leads coming in from Commerce Cloud to Eloqua and Built a Marketing Journey for Lead Nurturing and Sales Automation. Integration with Mastercard Payment Gateway to capture booking amount or Vehicle Payment to Book a Vehicle. Integration of Commerce Cloud with ERP for Order and Inventory Updates. Designed Responsive Storefront for supporting Multiple devices ​Rapid Rollout and Globally recognized customer case study ​Actively worked with the Automotive Development team to position Oracle Commerce and overall integrated CX story ​​.