Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is designed to simplify the integration of applications, services, and data within the cloud and on-premises environments. OIC provides a comprehensive set of Pre-built Adapters, Integration Patterns and services that enable users to connect, orchestrate, and manage integrations between various applications and systems.

Our Offerings

We are skilled in designing integration flows using the visual design tool provided by OIC, to create connections to various endpoints and configure the integration flow to handle data transformation, mapping, and routing

We have expertise in configuring and using the pre-built adapters provided by OIC to connect to different applications, databases, and services. This includes setting up authentication, configuring connection properties, and understanding the capabilities of each adapter

We know how to use the orchestration capabilities of OIC to create complex integration scenarios that involve multiple integration flows, conditional logic, and process automation

We have expertise in monitoring the health and performance of integration flows using OIC's monitoring and analytics features. This would involve identifying and resolving any issues that arise during integration execution

We are well versed about implementing security measures within OIC to ensure data privacy and compliance with security standards also understand how to manage user access and permissions within the platform

Our expertise would extend to handling hybrid integration scenarios, where we integrate applications and systems located both in the cloud and on-premises environments

Our team is well-versed in best practices for designing efficient and scalable integrations using OIC. This includes optimizing integration performance, reducing latency, and maximizing resource utilization

Success Stories

A prominent Logistic company that is specialized in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, maritime services and free trade zones is harnessing the power of Oracle Integration Cloud and PaaS-based extensions to efficiently handle a wide range of services. These services involve a thorough approval process. Innovacx has carefully crafted integrations with Oracle CX and ERP applications to orchestrate and oversee the entire lifecycle of nearly 150+ distinct service requests. This comprehensive approach encompasses various stages, such as customer onboarding, renewal, leasing, and licensing processes, ensuring a seamless and streamlined workflow.