Travel & Transportation

Travel and transportation companies have a strong mindshare with digital consumers but competition and commoditization are major challenges to growth. These companies continue to look to data to help them immediately recognize anonymous visitors and existing customers, and cater to them based on their activity and attributes. They target travelers based on current or past session behavior, purchase history, CRM data, loyalty points, location, or even stage of a trip. AI and machine learning together with integrated digital engagement platforms will drive differentiation and open growth opportunities in this industry going forward.

Our expertise in this field excel in developing user-friendly booking platforms, implementing real-time tracking systems for logistics, and optimizing route planning through data analytics.

Customer wanted to incorporate modern marketing capabilities and content management leveraging a Marketing automation and Content Marketing solution. Innovacx has deployed and integrated their Marketing platform with an existing Loyalty system to effectively communicate with their loyalty members in order to drive profitable behavior and maximize revenue through intelligent cross sell and upsell. Leveraging this solution content management and delivery across different channel was streamlined.