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We possess a deep understanding of Oracle's comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications designed to optimize customer interactions and enhance overall customer experience. Our expertise spans various CX modules, including Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Commerce Cloud

We excel in tailoring these solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses, enabling them to deliver personalized, omni-channel experiences that foster customer loyalty and drive revenue growth. By leveraging Oracle CX solutions, we help organizations gain actionable insights from customer data, automate processes, and provide exceptional customer support, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the market

Our track record of successful CX implementations and a customer-centric approach makes us a valuable asset in transforming businesses into digitally empowered enterprises

Choose Innovacx as your Oracle CX Cloud Implementation Partner

As a leading Oracle CX partner, we serve global customers across various industry verticals, offering full-stack Customer Experience solutions with our in-depth domain and industry-specific expertise.

We have successfully migrated customers from other CX solution including Salesforce, Microsoft, Sugar CRM, and Legacy CRM Install base to Oracle CX. Enabled end to end-integrated CX solution covering Oracle CX and Oracle ERP/EBS and other back-end applications. Engaged with Oracle COE /Sales team to Retain and Turn around Customers with Oracle CX


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Unleash the full potential of digital marketing and witness exceptional growth in the digital age. Let us guide you through this transformative journey and help you achieve your marketing goals. Explore our website and discover how our digital marketing solutions can revolutionize your business.We offer comprehensive assistance throughout the entire marketing strategy implementation journey, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach from start to finish. We is fully equipped to guide you through every stage of marketing strategy implementation, leaving no aspect untouched

Sales Automation

If your business is looking to implement Oracle CX solutions, Innovacx has end-to-end expertise for successful digital transformation.

Innovacx’s seasoned Customer Experience leaders have experience in various industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, education, professional services, consumer goods, and more. They have encountered virtually every challenge that may face your business.

Oracle CX Service is a customer service management platform developed by Oracle Corporation that operates in the cloud. Its purpose is to assist businesses in providing outstanding customer service and support through multiple channels, such as phone, email, chat, social media, and self-service portals. The platform includes various features to simplify service operations, improve customer experiences, and increase customer satisfaction.

At Innovacx, our goal is to assist customers in enhancing their customer service experience and engagement by providing customized and personalized solutions across various channels. Utilizing the Oracle Service cloud solution, we aim to foster collaboration and visibility between sales and customer service teams throughout the lead-to-renewal cycle

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions are integral tools that enhance business processes by automating and streamlining the sales cycle. These tools drive accuracy in quote generation, ensure valid product configurations, and enable strategic pricing tactics. By reducing manual administrative tasks, CPQ solutions allow sales teams to focus more on selling. Furthermore, their capacity to integrate with CRM and ERP systems and provide valuable insights makes them invaluable for businesses seeking to optimize their sales process and improve profitability.

Commerce Cloud, such as Oracle Commerce Cloud, offers numerous advantages for businesses by providing a scalable and secure platform for creating personalized online shopping experiences. With features like catalog management, order fulfillment, and marketing automation, Commerce Cloud streamlines operations and boosts customer engagement, ultimately driving sales and enhancing brand loyalty

On-Premise Siebel customers across the globe have been able to realize the potential that this powerful enterprise CRM system has to offer. Comprising of original members from Oracle Product Development team, our highly seasoned team with expertise across Sales, Marketing, Call Center, and Siebel Loyalty, brings a unique blend in UX innovation to mix Siebel OpenUI with modern UX technologies to deliver higher satisfaction

We deliver end-to-end Siebel implementations covering configurations, customizations, integrations and data migrations

Success Stories

Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)​

Golden Customer (B2B and B2C) Using Oracle CDM covering 8 Million+ Guest Profiles and 150K+ Corporate Profiles, 20+ Integrations with 200+Web Services, 100+ Properties, iOXI Connector to Integrate Fusion CDM with Opera PMS, Corporate Dashboards Markie Finalist and Award Winner Case Study. Leverage Oracle VBCS to design front desk facing Guest Portal for Member Enrollment, Profile Update, Loyalty Point Redemption, Voucher Redemption, Enabled Integrations with Oracle CX and Loyalty applications leveraging OIC, VBCS Mashup Screen to design Customer 360* View within the Sales Cloud, Leveraging DBCS and IDCS along with PaaS and OIC for overall integrations orchestrations