Health Pharma

The need for a comprehensive customer experience solution is increasingly vital as digital transformation takes center stage. Patients and healthcare professionals alike are seeking more streamlined, patient-centric interactions, from telemedicine consultations and online appointment scheduling to personalized treatment plans and medication management apps. Robust customer experience solutions are not only crucial for improving patient satisfaction but also for optimizing clinical operations, enhancing data security and compliance, and accelerating drug development through AI-driven research and real-world evidence analysis. Embracing digital transformation with a focus on customer experience is essential to meet the evolving healthcare landscape's demands and ultimately improve patient outcomes while driving efficiency in the industry.

Our Expertise lies in helping Pharma & Healthcare customers to deliver better Patient engagement and Customer engagement more effective, affordable, and efficient strategies for their digital transformation. Make every member interaction matter with consistent and relevant outreach at every touchpoint. Engage Customers Health Care Professionals (HCPs) digitally; by providing personalized content based on their specialty, interest areas, digital behavior.

Leveraging Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions and PaaS to Manage HCP and Key Opinion Leaders’ Digital Engagement. ​Oracle Eloqua integrated with GBQ, OCM, Infinity Streams. Multi-Channel Campaigns covering Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber Channels​. Automated Event Creation to Launch Process by Integrating VBCS Portal, OCM and Eloqua​. Approval process workflows enabled leveraging Process Cloud and Approval process Forms and User Interface designed leveraging VBCS.​ A portal for Brand Managers and Internal Team/External Agency for Approval Processes of Marketing content​Implemented for Countries - India, Russia, Emerging Market Countries (10+).