Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Innovacx offers implementation, migration and integration services to SCM Cloud customers across multitude of cloud solutions from Oracle. Our experts originate from Oracle ERP Product development teams with decades of leadership contribution and possess deep insight into design and technicalities of all building block of SCM Cloud. We are well equipped to deal with any level of complexity. Our experience enables us to achieve expeditious implementation thus passing on the advantages of the digital supply chain to our customers keeping them ahead with machine learning and adaptive intelligence capabilities.

Our Expertise

We offers a complete suite of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud solutions that gives you powerful capabilities to mitigate any supply chain challenges and generate exponential business value
Oracle SCM Cloud solution can help you build a supply chain that is smart, dynamic, and future-ready.

SCM Offerings

Configure workflows to manage customers’ inventory levels, optimize stock levels, and ensure the timely availability of products​ Domain expertise to set Inventory policies and reorder points, etc.​

Functional expertise in configuring end-to-end order processing cycle, from order capture to fulfillment.​ enables efficient order entry, order promising, order orchestration, and order fulfillment across multiple channels

Expertise in configuring business workflows to predict customer demand and aligning their supply chain accordingly

Build processes to manage customers, and their supplier relationships, streamline procurement processes and drive cost savings. It enables organizations to create and manage purchase orders, track supplier performance, and enforce compliance with procurement policies

Expertise in enabling robust manufacturing and production control capabilities, catering to both discrete and process manufacturing industries. ​ Configure various manufacturing processes, such as production planning, work order management, shop floor control, and product costing

We help organizations to optimize their shipping, transportation, and logistics operations with defined business rules​ Expertise to integrate with third-party logistics providers, track shipment status, and optimize transportation routes for cost savings

Strong domain expertise to efficiently manage customers’ warehouse operations and inventory movement.​ Ability to configure warehouse layouts, manage bin locations, and automate inventory movements using barcode scanning and RFID technologies based on business need or expectations​

Enable Robust analytics and reporting capabilities to gain insights into supply chain performance, inventory levels, and order fulfillment metrics​ Ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to supply chain efficiency, customer service levels, and inventory management.

Success Stories

DP World

DP World is an Emirati multinational logistics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It specializes in cargo logistics, port terminal operations, maritime services and free trade zones. Innovacx performed the end-to-end implemention of all the modules for DP World and was responsible for Configuration, Data Migration, Integration with Port Operation system for Customer Billing and Integration with Maximo for seamless flow of Procurement