Oracle PaaS Cloud

Oracle PaaS (Platform as a Service) empowers businesses with a robust cloud platform to build, deploy, and manage applications. It offers comprehensive cloud platform services, including databases, integration, analytics, and security. With flexible scalability and a secure environment, Oracle PaaS enables businesses to innovate, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Database Services

Oracle Database Cloud Service, Autonomous Database, Database Backup, and Exadata Cloud Service.

Integration Services

Oracle Integration Cloud, Integration Analytics, Data Integration, and API Management.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Oracle Analytics Cloud, Data Visualization, and Big Data Cloud Service.

Application Development

Oracle Application Container Cloud, Oracle Developer Cloud, and Mobile Cloud Service.

Content and Experience Management

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, Digital Asset Management, and WebCenter Sites.


Oracle Identity and Access Management, Security Monitoring and Analytics, and Key Management Service.

Management and Monitoring

Oracle Management Cloud, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Log Analytics.

Blockchain Services

Oracle Blockchain Platform and Oracle Blockchain Applications.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Oracle IoT Cloud Service and IoT Asset Monitoring


Oracle Digital Assistant and Chatbot Development Platform.

Success Stories

Dr. Reddy’s Labs (DRL)

Dr. Reddy’s, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company Headquartered in India, committed to providing affordable and innovative medicines. The company has over 190 medications, 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for drug manufacture, diagnostic kits, critical care, and biotechnology products