Led Vision, Strategy, and Development of Loyalty - from inception to the world’s leading enterprise loyalty management platform (Siebel Loyalty) used by AA, Starbucks, Petco, Southwest, Westjet, Sleep Number, Taj Built Connector to Position Oracle Marketing Cloud along with Oracle Siebel Install base ( iRAS and iEAS) The unique combination of product development and implementation experience covering Siebel MDM, OBIEE, OIC and other CX applications Collaborated with leading global brands in Retail, Airline, Telco and Financial Services in driving customer transformation, determining loyalty roadmap and implementation of best practices Strong Open UI and UI/UX Capabilities.

Oracle’s Siebel Loyalty Management is the industry leading enterprise loyalty solution that helps transform your customer loyalty initiatives, so that you can minimize attrition and increase the value and duration of your most important customer relationships and help deliver a truly one-to-one loyalty program to your customers. Oracle is the only enterprise software company that offers an enterprise class, comprehensive, cross-channel loyalty solution, integrated with market-leading Siebel CRM application that drives management of complete loyalty program lifecycle.

With Siebel Loyalty, you can drive new strategies and innovations for a distinctive and differentiated loyalty program. Siebel loyalty's rich capabilities and embedded best practices can empower your loyalty staff to rapidly adapt to changing customer behavior & competitive trends and continuously stay ahead of the curve by delivering a personalized, value driven and unique loyalty program

Our Expertise

Loyalty Program

Oracle’s Siebel Loyalty Management is truly a next-generation, industry best, comprehensive, multi-channel and multi-partner loyalty solution that empowers loyalty managers to deliver a distinct loyalty program and enable sustainability of competitiveness for the entire loyalty program lifecycle

Member Enrollment and Profile Management

Customers can enroll as members. Member enrollment involves capturing customer information such as name, contact details, preferences, and other relevant data. Siebel Loyalty provides tools for managing member profiles, including updating customer information, tracking interactions, and maintaining a comprehensive view of each member. At the heart of Siebel Loyalty Management is a 360-degree view of each customer's profile, attitudinal and behavioral information. It provides business users access to extensive information on each member including transaction history, tier status, loyalty assets, eligible and enrolled promotions, service requests, sales orders and activities, profile, communication preferences and response history

Reward, Recognize and Differentiate

The Siebel Loyalty Manager module provides a simple, intuitive, process-driven drag & drop user interface to enable business users to create and deploy innovative and targeted loyalty promotions. Siebel Loyalty Manager also provides business users with flexible tier management capabilities to differentiate and recognize members based on multiple dimensions including value, duration, frequency etc. Siebel Loyalty allows you to define promotions to reward members for their social activities like sharing, linking, commenting, reviewing various content and enable location-based rewards. You can also leverage social networks to acquire loyalty members or enroll the members into promotions through flexible web services

Partner Management

Siebel Loyalty Management supports end-to-end loyalty partner management – from partner recruitment and set-up to joint promotions, billing, and analysis. Siebel Loyalty Management dramatically reduces the time and effort required to onboard new partners and manage ongoing partner activities through an extensive set of capabilities including:

  • Support for pre-purchase partners using point blocks and “pay-as-you-go” partners
  • Flexible and configurable partner product offerings and accrual/redemption rules
  • Partner specific financial and billing controls and partner statement
  • Multi-partner joint promotions and cost sharing based on user-defined parameters
  • Configurable industry-specific accrual transaction validation capabilities
  • Pre-built partner portal to collaborate on joint promotions and to enable partners to transact on a self-service basis

Reporting and Analytics

Siebel Loyalty offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into program performance, member behavior, and overall loyalty program effectiveness. Businesses can generate reports on member enrollment, point accrual and redemption, program usage, tier progression, and other key metrics. These insights can inform decision-making, program enhancements, and targeted marketing strategies

Solution Offerings

  • Database Services
  • Integration Services
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Application Development
  • Content and Experience Management
  • Security
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Blockchain Services
  • Blockchain Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Chatbots

Success Stories

Implemented Multi-Channel Marketing through Responsys. integrated the Responsys with Siebel CRM, Sitecore for better customer engagement and lead nurturing. Integrated Responsys to their data lake and analytic systems to build customer-360 view.